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The Broody Hen Hand Book

100+ Pages, 160 Colour Photographs, B5 Size, Glossy Cover

 Already critically acclaimed by top exhibition breeders, author Grant Brereton has packed nearly 40 years of experience into this new book. Using a broody hen is very hit or miss.The first time you attempt to hatch the natural way, it can either go smoothly or you can encounter any number of problems. It largely boils down to the hen in question, but there are other factors to consider to get it right.

 What this book will give you

  • An insight to the breeds best-suited to broodiness
  • How to get the best out of broody hens
  • How to manage the whole process from sitting to hatching, to rearing
  • How to encourage broodiness (and the crosses bred for broody purposes)
  • Foster Care advice, and getting a hen to accept chicks she hasn’t hatched herself
  • Tips and Tricks for maximum chances of success
  • Personal experiences and how to avoid many potential problems
  • How to deal with unwanted broodiness
  • Much, much more

Chapter List:

  • Introduction
  • Broody Hen Facts 
  • An Insight
  • What is Broodiness? 
  • Broody Breeds? 
  • The Goldtop
  • Transitional Phase 
  • Nature’s Way 
  • Moody Broody? 
  • Sitting Quarters
  • Hatching Eggs 
  • Egg Hygiene 
  • Hydration 
  • Egg Candling 
  • Hatch Day
  • On the move
  • Space Considerations
  • Case in Point 101
  • Double Trouble
  • Au Naturale 
  • Temporary Measures 
  • Tricks & Chicks
  • Exit Strategy 
  • Broody Tales
  • Breaking Broody
  • Foster Care
  • The Geoff Parker Way 
  • Modern Dads
  • The Rearing Process
  • Problem Avoidance
  • Heartbreak
  • Index
  • Glossary
  • Appendix 
  • Acknowledgements 

Quotes from breeders:

I am enjoying your broody book Grant. It reinforces practises and confirms doubts, mistakes and successes

– Nick Smith

 Its an excellent read full of practical advice, complemented by great photos of successful broodies and their chicks, illustrating many helpful tips. Recommended!

 – Barb Frey