The Giant Villa Coop 8 Birds


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The Giant Villa Coop is ideal for a large number of laying hens or pure breeds where a roofed enclosure is desired.  Featuring a slide out floor, nest box, perches, rear access, adjustable vents and a mineral felt roof.  The raised coop and nest box allows for easy access for egg collection and cleaning, provides a dry area for the feeder, a sheltered area from the wind and a shaded area from the sun.  The run has a large door to allow walk in access and free ranging of the birds.

This coop has a very large 8ft 2" X 4ft 6" (2500mm x 1360mm) integrated run (36 square feet).

This coop is suitable for 8 Hybrid sized birds or 12-16 bantams depending on size.

(x4 boxes total length 1420mm, max width 850mm, height 500mm)