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25mm Metal walk in chicken runs

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Galvanised 25mm tubular framed runs with access door.  Green PVC coated 3/4" mesh and a high quality green tarp cover. Extra clear glass covers are available if required.  Ideal for many applications, chickens, cats, rabbits etc, with a pet house/coop placed inside or outside along one side to allow pop hole access into the run. Covers supplied are 2m wide.  Height of sides 1.3m, ridge height 2.2m

Note: 25mm tubed runs 2mX4m run - door is in 4m section, 38mm tubed runs 2mX4m run - door is in the 2m section. See also our 38mm Delux metal runs

Please ensure you read our build and aftercare information on our website.

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if collecting the longest box is 6ft 3" long (190cm)