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Bantam Silver Welbar hatching eggs

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Extremely friendly and easily handled, placid and docile.

These are an autosexing Welsummer developed in the 1940s (you can sex the chicks at day old). Like the welsummer, they lay dark brown eggs and are excellent layers, laying around 250 eggs per year.

These are the best bantams in our opinion as they lay almost as many eggs as the hybrid layers.

Note: this year we are crossing a pure silver welbar cockerel with pure gold welbar hens.  The resulting female chicks will be pure silver welbars and the male chicks will be split for gold.  The autosexing is not affected at all during this cross as that is dependent upon the barring gene for which both sexes will be pure for.

Hatching eggs posted Royal mail 1st class

Fertility level April 95%

When incubating - please candle after 7 days of incubation to check fertility.  Please do not use cheap Chinese incubators from Ebay or Amazon - they don't work.   We do not guarantee fertility or hatch rates due to the fragility eggs.