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Blue Gem blue egg layers - Araucana X - hatching eggs

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Chartley Blue Gems

Please note the hatching eggs are not blue in colour, however the chicks from the eggs will lay blue eggs, this blue colour comes from the male line of the breeding.

Pure Red Araucana crossed with Light Sussex Hybrid or Speckledy

The offspring can be sexed at day old. 

Black chicks with a dot on the head are male, black chicks without a dot are female.. 

Light coloured chicks - white ones are male, cream/golden ones are female.

Fertility level 8th March 80%

When incubating - please candle after 7 days of incubation to check fertility.  Please do not use cheap Chinese incubators from Ebay or Amazon - they don't work.   We do not guarantee fertility or hatch rates due to the fragility eggs.