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Walk in Buckingham Coop and Run 9-18 birds


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A Walk in access chicken coop.  The Super Sandringham is a delux coop built in the UK with attached run.  his coop is a very solid construction with a treble EXTERNAL nest box, large double doors for easy access for cleaning, easy full height door into the run area and is guaranteed for 10 years.

If you want an INTERNAL nest box or an EXTRA EXTERNAL nest box contact us for details.

Ideally we would place this coop on a concrete base, eg concrete flag stones.

This coop is 9ft 9" long X 4ft 3" wide X 6ft high (3000mm X 1300mm X 1800mm)

This coop is suitable for 9 Hybrid sized birds or 18-24 bantams depending on size.

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