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Easicoop ECO - HPL Chicken Coop 4-6 Birds

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Economical coop for a smaller number of birds 

Dissassembly video

With the average wooden coop lasting 3-5 years, the Easicoop range made from HPL will last a lifetime and has great second hand value.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL), this is a very hard material used in operating theatres, kitchens and bathrooms etc. , it is very easy to clean, Hygienic, insect repellent and bite proof (also used to build dog kennels, so fox  proof). HPL is more Eco friendly than plastic, its made from wood and resin.

Our customers say they are the cleanest coops they have ever owned.

Their design means they are easy to assemble (no tools required, everything just slots together), very easy to maintain - just clean in situ or disassemble and deep clean.

The Eco version of the Farm model measures 104cm wide X 80cm deep x 88cm high including the x2 nest boxes. One perch 90cm long will accommodate up to 4-6 hybrids sized birds or 8-12 bantams. LOCKING Chicken Guard pop hole door opening measures 28cm high x 25cm wide..  The nest boxes can be assembled on the left or right hand side of the coop.

Fully compatible with

  • Chicken Guard Automatic door openers (coop is already drilled)
  • Wooden Runs (various sizes)

The unit comes flat packed, box size is 1210mm X 1020mm x 90mm and weighs 55kg.

Starter deals available including feeders, drinkers, food, bedding etc

Delivery is via pallet, 3-4 days
Collection from Chartley Chucks is possible

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