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Green Frog Medium Chicken House up to 3-5 Birds

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Trays available separately

Build time 60mins, spanner & screwdriver required.

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The Green Frog Designs Chicken House Medium is the perfect coop for both beginners and experienced chicken keepers. This mid-sized hen house will comfortably accommodate up to five large fowl or nine bantams.

Manufactured in the UK using 100% recycled plastic waste. This means that our housing is extremely durable, effortless to clean and is eco-friendly, too! 

Every Green Frog poultry coop is built to last and is for sale with a 25-year warranty included.

Interior: This chicken house has two nest boxes, two removable wooden perches and two droppings trays. The nest box is cleverly located on the side of the coop to provide even more internal space for your chickens. Dropping trays can be purchases separately if you wish.

Door: The door is designed so that it won’t trap dirt in the door slots, and it can be easily opened and closed manually, or with a Chicken Guard door opener. 

Easy Access and Cleaning: The nest box lid can be easily removed to gain access to freshly laid eggs using quick-release pins. For routine cleaning, the full width back panel detaches in the same way in seconds. The smooth plastic interior allows dirt to be effortlessly removed using a brush in just a fraction of the time of other poultry coops available on the market. For more thorough cleaning, the roof detaches in seconds to provide even further access, and more stubborn dirt can be removed using a hose or pressure washer. Unlike wooden coops, plastic dries in minutes, which is particularly useful in winter. (x2 droppings trays not included in price)

Ventilation: Our poultry products feature adjustable air vents to provide the chickens with constant air flow, preventing respiratory issues and reducing moisture content within the coop. At least one vent should be open permanently.

Assembly: This product is delivered flat-packed and can be quickly assembled by following the comprehensive instructions in the user guide, or by watching our assembly YouTube video- you should allow about an hour for this if it is the first time you have assembled one of our houses. Most parts are held together using clips made from our own waste plastic, though quick release clips (lynch pins) and some other parts are metal. The house features carry handles on the roof so it can be easily moved around a garden once assembled. If you ever need to relocate your coop to a different address, it is just as easily dismantled and will not be damaged during the process.


Overall Dimensions: 106 (w) x 100 (h) x 137 (d) cm (including ramp, roof overhang and nest boxes)
House Dimensions: 78 (w) x 78 (h) x 100 (d) cm (excluding ramp, including nest boxes)
Internal Floorspace: 59 (w) x 80 (d) cm (excluding nest boxes)
Perches: 2 wooden perches, each 59cm usable length

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Flatpack dimensions are approx 120cm x 100cm x 15cm

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