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RED MITE bundle X3 red stop, total mite, DE powder

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  • X1 Nettex total mite
  • X1 DE powder
  • X1 Red stop - 50ml or 100ml or 250ml

RED MITE - big issue - you need out treatment programme

  • Empty the coop of all birds and bedding
  • Spray liberally all over the inside, roof, door, walls, nest boxes etc with Nettex Total Mite
  • Allow a few minutes to dry
  • Throw a few handfuls of DE powder into the coops and ensure it covers all the floor and up the walls if possible.
  • Put back clean bedding.
  • Put Red Stop into the drinking water and continue dosing the water for 2 weeks.
  • Still have mites - keep spraying the Nettex total mite.
  • In addition we add Nettex poultry egg and shell boost to the food to give the birds a nutritional boost to get the egg production back to normal