Bantam Silver Wybar females - 8-10 weeks old

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Wybar Bantam - Silver Laced (Extremely Rare, the RSBT are not aware this breed exists)
Created we believe from a Silver Laced Wynadotte, a cuckoo marans and Brussbar in the 1950s as a triple purpose bird, ie egg laying, meat and show, they were not available in great numbers and it seems pretty much died out completely.
Recreated possibly in the 1970s as a bantam these are extremely rare now, in danger of dying out and only bred and shown by a handful of breeders in small numbers.
These are basically an autosexing Silver Laced Wynadotte (you can sex the chicks at day old). They can produce up to 120 tinted eggs per year, they are similar in size to the Bantam Plymouth Rock and of similar easy going temperament. Compared with a Silver Laced Wynadotte, the Wybar has a barred tail, belly and thighs and has slighly lighter black lacing. Bred from Show stock.

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