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Wooden Chicken Runs and pet panels

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  • 3ft X 3ft, 6ft, 9ft, 12ft long, 20-25" high.
  • Will fit any house/coop - ideal for the Easicoop Eco
  • Covered run option
  • Discounts if purchased with some houses

Wooden run panels made from pressure treated timber - each panel is 37 inches long X 19 inches high, made with 19swg 1 inch galvanised weld mesh.
Timber is 19x38mm for standard runs or 38x38mm for the delux.
.Flat topped runs include a hinged opening top panel.
The pitched runs include a 6ft glass clear Tarpaulin and ties.

All runs are ideal for all the coops we sell including the Easicoop range of coops - discounts available when the two are purchased together.   Extensions panels are available should you keep adding more chickens :-)

Delivered flat packed, a 3ftX6ft run is 10 panels (x9 meshed, x1 plain), an extension is 4 panels (x4 meshed), a 9ft run is 14 panels etc. Shipped by MyHermes in multiple packages.

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