Tarpaulins, bungees etc for Chicken runs - select as required

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Bungees and heavy weight  translucent PVC tarpaulins 310GSM (Normal clear tarp is 170GSM, green/Silver is 100-140GSM)

For our 38mm and 25mm Metal runs...

  • 2m X 3.6m (6ft X 12ft) - will cover 3x3,4x3,6x3 roof
  • 2m X 4.8m (6ft X 16ft) - will cover 4x2,4x4 roof or 3x3,4x3,6x3 roof and one side.
  • Each tarp requires 30 bungees

For other runs just measure the roof area and allow 10cm down the side as a drip line.

Translucent tarps allow light through which is essential to stimulate egg laying in chickens.