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The Giant Villa Coop 8-10 Birds.

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Capacity: 8-10 hybrid sized birds (1 bird/2sq ft) (House only)
Material: T&G Wood, sun/rain shrinkage/expansion made in China
Maintenance: Waterproofing yearly
Cleaning: Regular red mite treatment, access via rear door, pull out tray
Pop hole door: Wooden horizontal sliding door
Nest boxes: 3 external, RH side only
Perches: 2 usable
Ventilation: side
Life: 5-10 years, second hand value low
Supplied: as a flat pack, build/take down 120/60mins, screwdriver required
Built size: 70Kg 136x160x250cm (WxHxD)
Flat pack size: 142x85x50cm
Terms: Delivery by courier 2-3 days


 The run measures 136x250cm

want to fit an electronic door, then you will need one of these + a chicken guard opener:  vertical sliding door.