Red Stop concentrate solution for RED MITE control

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Add just 1ml/Litre of water, so 50ml=50L, 100ml=100L, 250ml=250L

Laying Hens drink 0.5-1L of water a day, so for 3 hens 250ml of Red stop will last 3 months that's around £1.90p a week, far less than a cup of coffee.

Red Stop Solution is a unique treatment which allows you to protect your birds from red mite and northern mite by simply adding it to their drinking water.

After ingestion, Red Stop Solution enters the bird's blood stream and renders the blood indigestible and unattractive to the mites, causing them to stop feeding and die of starvation - and because they can't feed, they can't breed.

Red Stop Solution contains 100% natural ingredients with no residues and is completely safe for use with all birds including pigeons, caged birds, poultry and all other commercial egg laying birds.

The treatment does not have any affect on egg quality and therefore there is no period of egg withdrawal. It also has no effect on either the odour, colour or any other characteristics of the egg, and leaves no product residues in the egg - and being a natural, organic solution† any eggs laid during periods of treatment are not affected.

Red Stop Solution also has no affect on breeding or hatchability.