Nestera Large Penthouse for up to 10 Large Birds

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House Dimensions: 1410mm x 1000mm

The planets favourite chicken coop from Nestera. 25yr warranty. Made from Eco friendly recycled plastic.

Lodge or Raised coop - both models are off the ground with ladder access?

  • The Large and Medium lodges are raised 27cm off the ground
  • The Large Penthouse is 45cm off the ground, with optional wheels and metal run.
  • House Capacity: 8-10 hybrid-sized birds, or 15 bantams (1 bird/2sq ft)
  • Construction: Recycled plastic, UK-made
  • Maintenance: None needed
  • Cleaning: Disinfectant as needed, rear door access, trays a bonus
  • Pop Hole Door: Sliding aluminium door
  • Nest Boxes: 2 external on the right side only
  • Perches: 2
  • Ventilation: Adjustable right side Life: 25+ years, great resale value
  • Delivery: Flat-packed, assemble/disassemble in 60/20 mins, pliers required
  • Dimensions: 50kg Large (house): 141x120x100cm (WHD) 2m run: 141x120x240 (WHD) Flat-pack size: 120x100x20cm
  • Terms: Collect from ST180LD (green only, by appointment) or delivery by pallet in 3-4 days.

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